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Favorite Batgirl: Comic starts Strong

Batgirl, Vol. 1:  Silent Running - Kelley Puckett, Scott Peterson, Damion Scott, Robert Campanella

Cassandra Cain is hands down my favorite Batgirl. Followed by Miss Barbra Gordon herself and then the short lived batgirl Stephanie Brown (aka Spoiler).

Cassandra Cain is a child raised from birth by the master assassin David Cain. Raised without any other human interactions saved for training, she is mute and learned to see the body's movements as a language itself.

With direction from the original Batgirl, now Oracle (a computer genuis), she fights crime and makes her way into masked vigilantism, But she has her own past and demons to battle as she battles gothams low level criminals.

Go on this journey with Cassandra and discover her past, present and how she'll continue to her future! Will she give in to her fathers way? Who is her mother? Find out and definitely give this one a read if you're a fan of the Bat-Family.