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Perception - Kim Harrington SO I'm pretty big on paranormal and murder mystery genres, so when they are put together its pretty much a win win from there. I loved the first Book clarity and perception was no exception(heh rhymes).
Clare is a character who is special, has two guys who dig her...and I don't hate her for it. There tends to be a fine line for that kind of thing and most authors bunk it and mary sue the stuff out of it.
The book was a bit predictable but the author makes the ride count and that is always a great thing. Plus she makes the things that happen to Clare make sense instead of just happening cause shes oh so special and daisies and lilacs. ick.
So yes, I love the book recommend it and plan to read anymore (please do more pretty please?

4 out of 5 stars (just because of predictability)<3<br/>
(wow my review is jumbled. I willlll take notes next time)