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Ink - Amanda Sun first of all, that cover is gorgeous. that is what drew me to the book in the first place. (so guilty of judging books by their covers)

Now. I liked this book. I had every expectation of a manga-like story and I was not disappointed. Now yes this book is plenty filled with those cliches (some of which I hate but feel they kinda need to be there for a romantic YA with powers cause if you're going for reality the story can get weird and stalkerish)
So the Main Characters mother dies and she is sent to live with her aunt in Japan since her grandfather is fighting cancer(?) (i get diseases confused sometimes) and she has to learn Japanese while aching to get back to the good ol' north america.
Luckily she has made a few friends by the time we join in her story. Which is nice and seems more normal and likable than "I'm an outcast and weird I'll brood and watch from afar"
while learning all the faux pas' she can make she stumbles on bad boy tomo breaking up with his girlfriend over getting another pregnant.
DRAMA BOMB. Oh man this is getting juicy
photo gustermmmm_zps52e0b8d8.gif
then more rumors???
well after all these nasty things and weird encounters (like panty flashing) she still ends up all over the guy and he has DUN DUN Magical paper powers.
and she is some sorta weird conduit. So yes. They are magically drawn to each other. All the while his good buddy wants him for the yakuza and she keeps bumping into some other hot dude in places. It all comes to the dragon. When you read it you'll see.
So Yakuza Stuff happens and it all comes down to a choice for her.
anyway I will be continuing this series to see where it leads but I got what i expected out of it. I feel some people just had their hopes up a little too high.