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Entangled (Spellbound #1) - Nikki Jefford 4.5 stars
I loved this book, not to say its the best book ever but I personally really enjoyed it!
That cover too is gorgeous and that is generally how I get interested in a book. (Such a terrible weakness after that old saying but hey so many other people do it too!)
I started reading the book not knowing the plot involved her dying until right before it happened and looked it up on goodreads and was shocked!
So I kept reading now to see how she would die.
by the way the story was going I was not surprised it was her sister. Actually I had been watching a new show called ">"Monstresses" and was instantly reminded of her sister Charlene. Although Graylee's was an accident she didn't seem to have much remorse in the end (being a bitch can override mushy feelings I guess).
So what I loved about this book;An Easy read of teen life, I'm a sucker for those high school settings and this one was no exception. There is also the different narratives between her and teen bad boy Raj McKenna, I was hoping we got a narrative from her sister too, all kinds of crazy and I wanted inside that head!I know it was essential to the mystery of her death in the beginning but a short narrative at the end would have been great!
Graylee was a teeny annoying in the fact that she was so oblivious to one character liking her and not expecting some sort of betrayal after her make out session and being stood up, but I suppose its also apart of her charm. I loved that she was the down-to-earth twin, which made her easy to relate to and to want to cheer on. I mean I really had hoped there was some sort of stasis spell her mom put on her body but I guess it was a little much for her to come back to life in her own body.
Raj had all charm and a bit of a tortured past with his loyalty to Gray was inspiring and touching, making the teen heart melt a bit. I love his name too! Its like saying "rawr" or "rawh".
The thing I found a bit strange was her best friend Thea, being written out almost immediately after her death. I expected more of a longing to tell her best friend she was alive in her sisters body than swooning over boys she supposedly had no interest in at first, but I know being dead and living every other day can take its toll on your emotions.
The ending was pretty satisfying with her sister losing her powers permanently and getting justice for her sisters coma victim Stacy Lee Morehouse, who did not deserve that crash nor did her father deserve the hell he went through for her. It made me want more to happen to her sister but I guess losing her powers is pretty torturous.

Overall, the characters are fun and interesting while the witchery takes it to another level (paranormal can be so fun when done right!)I'm definitely starting the next book soon and will review it!