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Demonic Dora - Claire Chilton Okay, so I enjoyed this book...mostly. It is not a great book, nothing spectacularly new or an ingenious idea but I found it pretty funny and a VERY easy read.
I really enjoyed it until halfway through and then the magic was gone. Her personality started to wear on me and I found the writing style a little unclear. It seemed as if it was from the current chapters main characters perspective, but then it seemed as if they knew more than they should have at the time. I also couldn't tell when this was supposed to take place. Since they tried to burn her(which I assume was Kierons parents doing really but I am unsure.)but she seemed so modern with ebay and the like I got confused part of the time but I am not very worldly in a manner of small religious towns as such she was trying to portray.
So Dora is the daughter of a religious zealot on tv and summons a demon. It prompts her parents for an exorcism and then a witch burn when it fails. The demon takes her to the Highway to Hell and their journey in love, friendship..oh wait. I mean darkness and evil begins. Through this whole endeavor, there are all these "I underestimated her evil abilities" and"shes better than I thought" moments which I got tired of. Felt like Mary-Sue slipped in a few times which is my PERSONAL pet peeve so that may or may not be a strike against it for others.

Overall I will read the next book but probably not as quickly as I did this.
still I give it an A for effort. B for writing and C for characters.
Ba dun tiss.