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Knitt Your Socks on Straight: A New and Inventive Technique with Just Two Needles - Alice Curtis
I was excited when I was approved for an ARC of this book. I love to knit and have had an aversion to knitting socks, although not because of circular or double pointed needles, but they seem a bit tedious (no matter how gorgeous the pattern was) and I can't imagine wearing something I painstakingly knit on my feet, with like shoes. This book has slightly changed that view.
Upon opening the book, I immediately look at the table of contents, the patterns have such cute names (jelly bean, wrapped in hugs and Coffee Break) and were colorful.
The beginning of the book has a nice explanation of why she wrote the patterns and then the book (novice knitter afraid of double pointed needles). In devising these patterns she devised her own seaming technique so the socks look nice and natural.
The socks are knit from top to bottom and she places the seem often on the side of the foot and leg.
She clearly advises swatching. It needs to be washed and dried as if it was your own sock to measure shrinkage and the like. I suggest before and after pictures with a ruler.
I really loved that her suggested Cast On Method was the Continental/Long Tail Cast On. Its a personal favorite of mine. To keep your edge nice and loose she also suggests casting onto two needles at once as you want the top of sock loose enough to stretch out a bit.
The explanation in the beginning of how the heel is knit is a great help for people who haven't knit socks before or wonder how would this be accomplished on straight needles. It was reassuring that she has thought of all the questions readers would have.
Throughout the book advice is given on how to fix mistakes you have made which is a great help and reassurance.
Instructions are clear and easy to understand, techniques laid out in the beginning for guidance, with the usual glossary in the back.
The first few patterns are a little boring for those more experienced in knitting but they better and more intricate as you go along. Some seem a little silly, but most are so fun and stylish!
Favorite patterns to look for:

Moccasocks- I find these ridiculous but they look like so much fun, especially as gifts or to wear all around the house. They are made to fit above skinny jeans so they are definitely with the times.

Coffee break-
I just love the colors of these socks and the frilly edge is delightful

Slainte -
These are gorgeous socks and with the cute buttons on top I can't wait to try this pattern!

Winter Delights : Gingerbread men and snowmen -
definitely something I'd knit in winter, the colors are so cute and cozy, the top edges are frilly and stylish.

Carnegie Hall -
They did indeed save the best for last. These are adorable, it looks so perfect and incorporates crochet edges for frills. The Bow is wonderful and adds that perfect little touch on a black tie affair for your feet!

Overall! 5 out of 5! I can't wait to try some of these patterns!
instructions are clear and helpful.
20 patterns is a great amount and I definitely want to try Knitting My Socks on Straight!